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Shopify Virtual Assistance Services

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cost-effective & flexible shopify virtual assistance services

Ongoing Shopify VA

Helps You to Run a Smooth Business

Efficiently running a Shopify store can be the key to gaining a competitive advantage over other Shopify stores. A Shopify virtual assistant can help you do that with their experience and expert skillset and utilize your resources to their utmost potential.

With our Shopify Virtual Assistance services, we can bring your Shopify store’s capability to a new level. We ensure your store is running efficiently through proper inventory management, setting the right campaigns, and professional marketing strategies.

If you are having trouble running your Shopify store, reaching people, and satisfying customers, our services are here. Let’s grow your Shopify store today!

We Provide Full-Stack Shopify Virtual Assistant Services

Products Management

Order management

Inventory Management

Customers Service Management

SEO & Content Management

PPC Campaign Management

Products Management

Shopify stores are all about showcasing your products to the customers in such a way that they get easily convinced. Our expert e-commerce virtual assistant will manage the products to ensure customers can get what they are looking for without any hassle.

The goal of our service is not just creating a product catalog, it’s more about capturing the attention of the target customers.

Here are our services that help you with product management –

  • Meticulously handling the lifecycle of products to ensure the products are properly stocked.
  • Optimizing the product descriptions strategically with proper information for product visibility.
  • Keeping products current and relevant with accurate information and regular updates.
shopify products management

Order Management

Efficiency in order processing is the key to customer satisfaction for any Shopify store. Customers always try to avoid the extra hassles while ordering a product.

Our virtual assistants take charge of the order management process of a Shopify store. From order fulfillment to tracking and communication, we ensure a smooth and reliable experience in your store, fostering trust and loyalty.

The order management process includes –

  • Creating a seamless customer experience with a streamlined order fulfillment process and ensuring efficiency.
  • Providing customers with real-time tracking information for their orders to reassure them every step of the way.
  • Maintaining clear and timely communication regarding order status and any relevant updates to keep them involved.
shopify order management

Inventory Management

A strong inventory management process can be the secret to success for your inventory management. With our Shopify virtual assistant, we ensure the best efficiency in the Shopify store.

Our expert team uses their years of experience with highly capable inventory management services. We monitor stock levels in real time, preventing stockouts and ensuring that your customers can always find and purchase the products they desire.

Our primary inventory management services are –

  • Monitoring the real-time inventory to ensure the business never runs out of product stock.
  • Implementing smart stocking strategies to avoid overstocking or understocking products.
  • Keep the inventory records as fresh as the products and consistently update them for accuracy and efficiency.
shopify inventory management

Customers Service Management

Exceptional customer service can create a positive picture in people’s minds about a Shopify store. It can set the store apart from all other competition.

Our dedicated virtual assistants handle customer inquiries, address concerns, and manage returns efficiently. We provide prompt and satisfactory support to enhance the shopping experience and build positive customer relationships.

With our customer service management process, we get –

  • Giving instant solutions to customer inquiries, leaving them satisfied with responsiveness.
  • Turning returns into a positive experience, managing them efficiently, and leaving customers cared for.
  • Contributing to the joy of customers by including them in in-store activities and fulfilling their needs.
shopify customers service management

SEO & Content Management

Optimizing the online presence of a Shopify store is vital for attracting organic traffic. Our virtual assistants specialize in SEO and content management to ensure that the product descriptions, meta tags, and other content elements are strategically optimized. This improves search engine rankings and drives more qualified traffic to the Shopify store.

Attract more people with the following services –

  • Infusing content with effective keywords to make them reach the right audience.
  • Elevating online visibility to new heights, attracting organic traffic to your Shopify store.
  • Turning product descriptions and content into magnets that attract search engines and customers at the same time.
shopify seo and content management

PPC Campaign Management

Targeted PPC campaigns are a great way to make the brand visible universally. Our virtual assistants are proficient in every aspect of Pay-Per-Click advertising, from thorough keyword research to compelling ad creation we have expertise in everything. We make sure the Shopify brand gets the visibility it deserves in the competitive online marketplace with proper PPC campaign management.

Be visible everywhere with our PPC campaign services –

  • Ensuring advertisements speak directly to the target audience using strategic PPC campaigns.
  • Conducting thorough keyword research and harmonizing campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Elevating the PPC campaigns through continuous performance analysis and regular updates.
shopify ppc campaign management

We Will run

the day-to-day operations of your shopify stores

When you hire a Shopify virtual assistant from RankUpper, you are in for a thoroughly professional service experience. Our accomplished team of Shopify experts provides you with the following benefits to take your Shopify store to the next level of growth.

eCommerce Website Audit

Store Design & Improvement

Shipping Software

Inventory Management

Order Management

Customer Management

Access Management

Store Migration

Products Import & Upload

Catalog Management

Product Returns Management

E-commerce Integrations

API Integration

Hosting Support

Bug Fixes / Code Debugging

Marketplace Management

Listing Management

Payment and distribution Management

Email Marketing & SMS

eCommerce SEO Service

Content Management

Social Media Management

Campaign Management

Paid Search & Shopping Ads

Marketplace Ads & Services

Organic Search & SEO

Social Ads & Marketing

Conversion Testing

E-commerce Tracking

The Six Steps to Hire

Professional Shopify Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant for your Shopify store isn’t as easy as taking a regular service. It involves a systematic approach with six steps leading you toward a competent virtual assistant. Let’s get through the steps on how to hire a virtual assistant for Shopify –

Determine Clients Need

We start out with the hiring journey by understanding your business needs. Our goal is to find out what you want to achieve from your Shopify store and what things you need to fulfill those needs. Based on your needs, we can come up with a customized solution tailored solely for your Shopify.


After figuring out the needs of your business, we will set a plan and discuss it. The discussion usually involves the scope of our service and how we will implement our tactics to achieve your business goals. We keep things transparent and take you through a complete process to come to an agreement through a contract.

Knowledge Share

Once we have agreed to the processes and methods, we contact our expert virtual assistant. We let them know about your goals and objectives so that they can meet your needs efficiently. We also provide them with the necessary training and knowledge to handle your Shopify store skillfully.


With the knowledge and training gained, our experienced VAs will execute the plans following the agreement. They will provide all the necessary services you want for your Shopify store. Starting from the operational daily activities to launching marketing campaigns, our VAs will add a professional touch to all activities.


Just like we said, we focus on transparency in our work with our clients. Keeping to that promise, our professional virtual assistants will share weekly updates and detailed reports about the performance. You can check the reports and evaluate whether the service you have taken is bringing results to your Shopify store.


After checking out the report, you can evaluate what needs to be done. If you have any suggestions or requirements that our VA needs to look at, you can address them to the assistant. Based on that assessment and feedback on the performance, our VA will implement the changes to improve the quality of your Shopify store.

How Rank Upper

Shopify Virtual Assistant Services

Choosing RankUpper for your Shopify virtual assistant services partner gives you key benefits. These are factors that make us different and help us take you a step ahead of your competition.

Save Time and Money

Our Virtual Assistant Services are finely tuned for efficiency, saving you valuable time on routine tasks. Since we are taking care of all the routine tasks, you can use your time on other aspects of your business. With our unique billing model, you pay for the productive hours, optimizing your investment for maximum returns.

Better Work-Life Balance

With our support, you can focus on strategic aspects of your business and achieve a healthier work-life balance. No need to focus on the small operational tasks. Instead, work on the strategies to take your business to the next level. And with all that, you won’t have to spend your whole day only on your business as you can have time for yourself and your life.

Increased Productivity

Watch productivity soar as our Virtual Assistants take the reins on operational tasks, freeing up your time for the game-changing moves. Redirect your effort towards growth initiatives and creative pursuits that can help you turn your business into a productivity powerhouse.

Increased Flexibility

In the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce, flexibility is a game-changing feature. Our services ensure that we can adapt to your business needs and ensure you can easily navigate the shifts happening in the market. We help you scale your operations effortlessly. Whether handling increased order volumes or expanding your product lines doesn’t matter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Struggling to decide on hiring a Shopify VA due to some confusion? Maybe some of these popularly asked questions may immediately clear out all your confusion. Let’s take a quick glance through them.

What tasks can a Shopify Virtual Assistant handle for my business?

Virtual Assistants are versatile experts capable of managing a range of tasks, including product management, order processing, inventory control, customer service, SEO optimization, content management, and PPC campaign management. They’re an all-in-one solution for running a Shopify store all by themselves.

How does the billing work for Shopify Virtual Assistant Services?

The billing work for such services usually depends on an hourly basis. You only pay for the hours your dedicated Shopify Virtual Assistant actively contributes to your tasks. This ensures cost-effectiveness and a direct correlation between the service and investment.

Can I customize the tasks assigned to my Shopify Virtual Assistant?

Yes, for the most part, you can communicate with your service providers about the services to ensure they are tailored to meet your needs. Before starting the service, they thoroughly discuss and understand your business requirements. It allows them to customize the tasks and responsibilities of your Virtual Assistant to align perfectly with your goals.

How does RankUpper ensure the security and confidentiality of my business information?

At Rank Upper, we take data security seriously. We implement robust security measures and strictly adhere to confidentiality agreements. Your business information is treated with the utmost care, ensuring it remains secure and confidential.

What sets Rank Upper Shopify Virtual Assistant Services apart from others?

Our services stand out due to their comprehensive nature, unique billing model, and the dedication of our Virtual Assistants. We offer full-stack support, flexible billing, and a commitment to excellence, providing a transformative partnership rather than just a service.

How quickly can I expect results after hiring a Shopify Virtual Assistant?

The timeline for results varies depending on the complexity of tasks and your business goals. However, our Virtual Assistants are trained to deliver prompt and efficient results. You can expect to see positive impacts on your business operations relatively quickly.

Can I scale up or down the services based on my business needs?

Yes, absolutely. Our services are designed to be flexible. Whether you need to scale up during peak seasons or down during slower periods, we can adjust the support provided by your Shopify Virtual Assistant to align with the changing needs of your business.

How do I communicate with my assigned Shopify Virtual Assistant?

Communication is key, and we facilitate it seamlessly. You can communicate with your Shopify Virtual Assistant through email, messaging platforms, or other preferred channels. Regular check-ins and updates ensure that you are always in the loop about the progress of tasks.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the services provided by my Shopify Virtual Assistant?

Client satisfaction is our priority. We encourage open communication if you ever encounter concerns or are dissatisfied with the services. We’ll work collaboratively to address your feedback and make necessary adjustments to ensure your satisfaction with the Shopify Virtual Assistant’s performance.

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