How to Sell Products on Pinterest: Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to sell products on Pinterest with our step-by-step guide. Discover the best practices for creating product pins, using keywords, and driving traffic to your website for maximum sales.

Feb 23, 2023

I bet you’ll come over to Pinterest when some queries hit you to explore ideas. So, if you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Because it’s worthwhile crafted images and some DIY shots, Infographics, and much other stuff. It is so engaging, even if you’ve spent almost 2 hours without pause.

However, you know what, it’s an incredible platform for achieving the highest conversion rates for a company. It can help you in boosting sales for sure and stability ahead of the competition.

But how do you sell your items on Pinterest? Do you have to pay like Facebook to organize a campaign, or is it free? So, why are you hanging here?

Hey, keep scrolling to learn more about how to sell products on Pinterest.

What exactly is Pinterest and what does it purpose?

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media image-sharing platforms that can be used for both business and personal sectors.

This visual engine helps to discover ideas and inspiration for your interests and activities, such as recipes, interior decorating, and educational and motivational views.

So you can explore a lot of knowledge, entertainment and, most importantly, business growth factors.

Statistic: Number of monthly active Pinterest users from 1st quarter 2016 to 1st quarter 2022, by region (in millions) | Statista

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest has monthly 434 million active users. Though it is not widely used to engage audiences, it contributes to 1.5% to 8.5% percent of conversion rates of any business.

This platform not only keeps you growing personally but also helps your business flourish.

It was created in 2016 for no apparent reason but to share creative ideas with users. Pinterest miserably failed after its founding by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, but Instagram created engagement in just four months.

However, It then switched to eCommerce platforms and produced $400 million in revenue in the final quarter of 2019.

Is a business account on Pinterest free?

Around 58.7 % of the worldwide population is engaged on social media networks, and social media networks are becoming retail websites. So you can imagine how vast the world of eCommerce is.

When compared to other social networking platforms, Pinterest is the most cost-effective. It is free to use for both personal and commercial purposes.

Whether you have a personal or company account, you will not be charged for any website function or even specific analytic and marketing features.

Why should you use Pinterest to promote your online store?

It was only the beginning of social media retailing platforms.

So, Social media’s magnetism has never faded. Several types of commerce sites emerged during the Pandemic, including F-commerce, Instagram Shop, Twitter Shop, and the fastest growing site, Pinterest.

So, whether you want to sell your products to an eCommerce social media platform, Pinterest is your one-stop solution to set up an e-commerce merchant account. Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms for selling products online.

On the previous topic, you may be aware that they may provide you with free advertising and display of your products in your online store.

Actually, as ridiculous as it may sound, Pinterest and e-commerce are a heavenly-made match in the world of E-business. Here are the top shopping sales channels in 2023.

social media advertising channel

Pinterest ranks fifth in terms of conversion rate amongst other advertising channels. Google (8.2 %) and Bing (7.6 %) are in first and second place, respectively.

However, when we look at other social media sites, we can see that YouTube and Snapchat are unable to create more revenue as advertising tools.

social media conversion rates comparison

If you examine other conversion rate statistics, you will notice that Pinterest is in third places, like a shopping cart. It influences the conversion rate.

Therefore you can see that Pinterest has reached the third highest position, in terms of selling the products from $1 to $199, as an eCommerce social networking site.

How to Sell Products on Pinterest: Step by Step Guide in 2023

how to sell products on pinterest

Establishing a business on social media sites is a super effective marketing tactic. However, when your business expands, you may discover some payment procedures to run your campaign that can be tough to handle the marketing expenses.

In that case, you have to consider how your firm is expanding, whether it fluctuates, goes down, or up, and navigating some Analytics data is all the headache of yours.

Moreover, you may have assumed that this marketing technique is free so that you may sell your items and use various strategies to redirect more audience towards converting organically.

In simple terms, Pinterest is a digital platform that –

  • Provides free marketing exposure
  • Assists in growing your business
  • Contributes to divert traffic to your website
  • Helps get amazing ideas and tricks for establishing your business account

Once we’ve explored the fundamentals, let’s drill down into the crux of the matter of how to sell on Pinterest and begin earning revenue.

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Prepare your business account: Make no mistake!

This incredible sort of platform should be required to be precisely set up if it is not to perform as an efficient marketing tool.

In that situation, we need to know what factors to consider while making an account, and if you may offend any impressions or beliefs, you might have to pay!

So take good care of it, or you’ll forget about the low-cost marketing tools. Let’s dive into the factors.

1) Read Pinterest’s business terms of service & privacy policy

Terms of service and privacy rules may govern you which data to retain when logging in to a website or app.You should clearly abide by them. If you are unable to do so, your page will be removed from the site.

Pinterest provides you so many options for driving more visitors to your website, converting your audience, and running an ad campaign that is effectively free.

So, if you violate their privacy policy, it might be detrimental to your budding firm and provide a negative impression of it.

They have several terms of services based on merchant rules, community guidelines, advertising requirements and many more. You must check it out before signing in.

2) Create a new account

After you have agreed to all of their conditions, you are now ready to create your new account in accordance with our instructions.

There are 2 ways to make a Pinterest account that are personal account and business account. Let’s have look details.

Create a personal account:

  • You can start by visiting Then press the Sign up button.
create pinterest account
  • Head to the Signup page and complete all of the required information. 
  • Sign in with your Gmail or Facebook account too.
  • Enter the email address, create a password, and then click the Continue button. As an alternative, choose to Continue with Facebook and sign in to your Facebook account. Instead, you may sign in to Gmail using the same method as Facebook.
  • A welcome message will appear on your screen. 
  • Then press the Next button. 
  • Answer some setup questions, choose some areas of interest
  • Click Done.

While you receive the confirmed email, your account is set.

Create a new business account:

A Pinterest business account helps to grow and add more factors to your business. So let’s know how to create it.

You will do the same thing when you create a personal account if you visit Pinterest and click on the Business icon.

  • Then you can find another page where you will fill out all the required information.
pinterest business sign up page example
  • Lastly, Click on the Create account bar, and your business account is ready after receiving the verified email.

3) Convert your personal account into a business account

There is another way to create a business account. First, you have to create your personal account according to the same process. After that, convert it to a business account.

  • First, go to the profile page and click on the marked-down arrow icon.
  • If you carefully look at the picture, you can find the option Convert to business; click on it.
convert pinterest personal account to a business account

Pro Tips: You will benefit from creating both a personal and a business account. However, you know that by using a personal account, you may redirect your potential customers to a business profile, allowing you to generate more traffic and, at the same time, increase your sales profit.

Pinterest business account vs. personal account: What’s the difference?

When we look at the business account, we can see how it can help you grow your business to the next level.

Many features are available here, such as analytics, the ability to establish a board or pin, advertising tools, and, most significantly, the ability to construct a business hub to migrate them into your eCommerce or service website.

Personal Pinterest is used for recreational pinners who may come here to get some breakthrough ideas and also purchase at such a low price.

4) Set up your account

After you’ve registered your account on pinterest business hub, you’ll want to make it as perfect as possible. So that you may precisely optimize your account and successfully lead your business on Pinterest.

After opening an account,

  • Go to the next page to see the benefits of a free account and click on the Upgrade bar.
upgrade to a free pinterest business account
  • Once you’ve entered a new page, you can fill up all of the necessary information to build a perfect account.
build your pinterest account
  • Then press the Next button to go describe your business tab. You must decide which brand to focus on and what your Pinterest goals are.
discribe pinterest business account
  • Then decide what position you want to perform here, such as a blogger, contractor, or service provider. So you must choose your role here.
  • Finally, you must decide if you want to execute the online ad or not.
running ads on pinterest

Claim your website: To expand faster on Pinterest, you must have a business website; otherwise, you will not be capable of surviving there for long. So you must register your website in order to develop an interesting account that will direct them to your main site.

  • Initially, Go over to the settings tab.
  • Enter your website URL before clicking the Verified icon.

Verified accounts: Account verification is the most needed part of setting up a business account. There are some steps that should be followed:

  • It will direct you to a page where you can download an HTML file. Select the download option and then SAVE, but not OPEN.
  • Next, you should connect to the server where your website is placed (You can take professional help).
  • Submit the HTML file you downloaded previously to the root directory of your webpage.
  • Return to the Pinterest page and complete the verification step after you’ve posted the file.

5) Edit your profile

If you truly want to showcase your business to everyone, you need to fill up your Pinterest profile professionally. So, here are some steps to help you edit your profile:

edit pinterest business profile
  • Log in to your Pinterest account first,
  • Then go to the (v) button and choose Settings.
  • To modify or set your profile image, go to the Public Profile and then click Change. Lastly, select a photo from your device. Lastly, select a photo from your device.
edit pinterest public profile
  • If you stay on a Public profile, you can change or make a new username, add the pronouns, email address and even your company address.
  • Then click the Save button.

Personalize your profile: Any profile demands a perfect face; therefore, you must personalize your profile in order to submit a professional perfect cover photo that will leave a favorable impression on potential customers. However, it can only be used for business accounts.

  • First, click the Pen symbol, then upload from your computer.
  • then choose the image and clip it to a 16:9 ratio, and
  • Lastly, click the Save button.

Another method to customize your profile is to use highlights to organize your Idea pins. You must have Idea pins if you have a business account.

Add community information: Community information is mainly used for ad targeting. Its feature was created to bring individuals together based on common interests and to give a space for collaboration.

6) Add Pinterest features to your website

In today’s age, a strong digital marketing plan may help your business develop quickly.

These social networking sites have improved their websites so that business owners can easily interact with clients. And so, Pinterest marketing strategies have also progressed beyond the point where they can advertise your company to clients.

So, what led Pinterest to lag behind Facebook and Twitter?

So they created a Pinterest feature that allows you to link your website to your Pinterest business page.

Build a website widget:

If you intend to build a Pinterest add-on so, follow some steps-

  • Go to the Pinterest developers’ website via Google or Pinterest’s My Apps.
  • After that, you’ll be sent to a Widget builder page where you can view add-on choices such as the Save button, Pin, Board, Follow, and Profile.
  • There, you may scroll down every option that contains a form that you need to fill out, Copy the HTML tag, and put your widget ad-on to access Pinterest features on your website.

How these buttons can help you let’s go to know more about it.

Save button: The Save button is the major factor of your website for getting content from Pinterest.

If pinners save your content directly from your business website, it may allow other Pinterest user to discover you.

So you’re well aware that adding a save button to your site’s pages might increase your conversion rate.

Follow: When you add a Follow button to your website, visitors may be able to follow your Pinterest business profile. The higher the conversion rate, the more followers there have been.

This keeps your visitors up to date on your pins and activities.

Even when you utilize promoted pins, which allow your buyable pin to be seen by your followers, you will obtain an amazing return that you cannot believe.

Pin: The pin button allows your site’s visitors to share your visual content and pin images on pinterest or other websites.

Board: The Board is a collection of saved pins, each with its own theme and purpose. You introduced a board option to the website that allows many pin pictures to be combined into one. It may be beneficial to both your visitors and you.

Profile: You can use the Profile widget to show 30 of your most recent pins anywhere on your website. This widget is extremely useful for businesses looking to expand their business profile. It indicates the worth of your Pinterest profile, encouraging users to follow you.

Enable rich pins: The rich pin is commonly regarded as an organic pin. It may connect information from your website to your Pinterest company profile.

If you look closely, you may see further details above and below the price tags, as well as product or service information with a picture.

If you wish to make modifications to any source on your website, you must update the rich pin. Rich pic has 3 different sectors like article pin, recipe pins, and product pin. These top pins improvised your Pinterest ads. If you want to enable Rich pin you can to the link.

  • You must upload meta tag to your website (a code based on the type of Pin you wish to activate—product, recipe, or article).
  • Then confirm using the Rich Pins Validator in your Pinterest business account.
  • Within a day, if the info is appropriately added, you will receive an approval notification from Pinterest.

Verify the Pinterest crawler: Pinterest crawlers help you to identify the data on pages behind pins and provide the highest quality content. These pages include a variety of signals that allow us to make better suggestions, prevent spam, and present relevant information. By using this crawler, you can ensure the safety of visiting and downloading pinned images for each product.

You may use these effective signals to evaluate your content linked with pins on a regular basis. If you want a perfect set-up Pinterest crawler, you should look at this link.

7) Turn on messaging for your business

Messaging is an important factor in every business. When consumer messages on a business pin portal, anyone would respond immediately so that your business’s impression is shared in a positive way.

However, if they do not receive a response right away, it will have a negative impact on your conversion rate. All social media platforms have incorporated this function that allows you to respond even if you are busy or unavailable on the internet.

Here we demonstrate to you how to accomplish it in the subsequent steps.

  • If you are already logged in to your Pinterest business account, click the (chevron down) symbol.
pinterest social permissions
  • Then go to Settings, then choose Social Permissions,
  • Check the box next to Turn on direct messaging from your company profile.
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

8) Use the engagement tab

The engagement tab will streamline a variety of operations for Pinterest users with business accounts. It might help you earn likes and showcase comments on your existing pins.

This is where you can discover your pinned posts’ comments and manage your account. Even if someone mentions you in a pin, you may respond via it. You may turn off your comment box from your submitted pin using another ability you can learn about from here.

Start to Selling Products on Pinterest: Step by Step Guide 2023

guide to selling products on pinterest

Step 01: Keyword research

When you read the headline, do you guess why keyword research is beneficial for Pinterest?

I’m sure you can think that It is solely applied to index your website on Google’s top page. No, it is required for all social networking platforms. So, if you started at the beginning of the post and came here to read it.

As you may be aware, Pinterest is a visual search engine where Pinners explore ideas, dreams, plans, goals, recipes, and other objects.

In order to find your products, they must search for certain keywords. Furthermore, this might assist your company in increasing its conversion rate.

Step 02: Setup a goal

Keywords are obviously needed but bear in mind that establishing your goals is by far the most core part of your business.

You must identify your goals and identify your audience in order to engage more consumers and generate more sales while creating a strategy.

Step 03: Check trending content

The Internet has been ruled by content. As you read my articles, this written word may link customers to company owners by reading out content.

Content’s encouraging elements will never vanish from the field of communication. So, on Pinterest, you can see which material is at the top of the page or which niche is the most popular, so you know how to index your board or pin to the top page.

There are a few aspects to consider while checking out the factors, such as-

View top trends

You may be aware that top trends indicate which keywords are the most popular and trendy. As a result, you may include these trending terms in your content and index it to the top of the Pinterest page.

pinterest keyword trends

View the graph

In this graph, you can quickly compare keywords and obtain better options about which material or pinning photos are most popular, as well as what its prior terms were and how it became trendy currently by analyzing it.

kitchen ideas graph trends on pinterest

View related terms

These similar keywords might help you find the best LSI keyword for your content. As a result, your chances of having your pinned post moved to the trending page grow.

kitchen ideas related trends on pinterest

View popular Pins

If you go down to the trends search page, you will see popular pins that will offer you a great concept regarding visual pictures and information.

kitchen ideas popular pins

Step 04: Create Stunning Visuals

You must create more captivating pictures in order to showcase your goods and engage such that it becomes clickbait.

Considering the facts, Pinterest recommends a 2:3 or 1:2.1 picture screen resolution. The minimum width of a Pinterest pin is 600 pixels, while the perfect dimension is 1000 x 1500 pixels for HD-quality, unobscured Pinterest Pins.

It can create your pinned posts look aesthetically appealing, but you should mostly the vertically oriented photo over the horizontal ones. You can try videos, too, so your pinned post gets more attractive to the customers.

Step 05: Optimize your Pins for SEO

SEO on Pinterest might help you promote your board or pinning content to the Home feed.

To begin optimizing Pinterest SEO, pin title, add keywords to your pinning article, add ALT text, and select a category to assist the Pinterest algorithm. You can provide a link to your website that will direct customers to your service page.

create pinterest pin

Step 06: Use Rich Pins & Promoted Pins

Rich pins essentially includes more information like price tags and product details about Pinterest pins. It should provide data in a more dynamic manner and strive to engage Pinners.

You can mainly focus on the ad text by using rich pins. Whereas Promoted pin is a paid version of the rich pin that allows you to showcase your business visually to pinners.

Instead of so many free opportunities, only premium platforms can thrive on a pay-per-click approach. You will only be able to pay if someone clicks a pin.

Step 07: Scheduling your posts

Scheduling your posts regularly can drive more customers to your website. Content is establishing a relationship with consumers, so whenever you want to reach customers.

You should’ve researched appropriately which type of content strategy or ideas influence your customers when you should have posted your post to engage a bunch of consumers.

And if you want to hold your consumers every time so you should have posted your content every day and, of course, a well-researched Pinterest marketing strategy.

Step 08: Follow boards and peoples

You can follow boards and people according to your business niches so that you can get more knowledge from following them.

Moreover, it can direct your business to the right path, you know. When you search out your niche-related keywords, you can find many websites on the first page and follow them and their boards.

Step 09: Organize Pins Into Catalog

You know what happens when we can find great things suddenly, but really if not organized, we can lose it quickly too. So in that way, you should organize your board or catalog so that you can hold your users for a long time. Your pinned posts can drive your consumers, but your board can hold them for a long time.

You can organize your board according to these things as follows-

  • Sorted boards or pins by preference or kind.
  • Sort your boards and pins into sections.
  • Properly label the boards and pins.
  • Reshape frequently.
  • Pin just once.

Step 10: Run campaigns

Advertising your business is the most crucial aspect. So when you think of running an shopping ad campaign on Pinterest, you’ve to focus on your target criteria.

The Pinterest ad system is like a sort of auction, where you can set the price you are willing to pay for a particular campaign, like engaging the audience, click-through to your site or impressions. The pricing depends on your targeting and the types of ads with their sizes.

For CPC, you would expect to have to pay $2 to $5 per thousand views. Engagement may vary from 10¢ to $1.50. Every engagement while generating organic traffic can range from 10¢ to $1.50 per click.


Is Pinterest copyright free?

No, All creative or intellectual works are protected by the law; if you need it commercially or non-commercially, you have to ask the authority or buy a license for it.

Are Pinterest images free for commercial use?

Generally, no, unless you have been specifically granted a permit.

Can I use Pinterest images on my website?

Yes, you may use Pinterest images on your website, but you must include a Pinterest Widget to assist direct visitors to your Pinterest profile.

Can you see who views your Pinterest?

No, there is no way to detect who has viewed your profile or page on Pinterest. However, you can see who repinned your post or saved pins and boards.

Can you export Pinterest boards?

Yes, it is allowed.
• First, go to the Pinterest board
• Then move your cursor to the white area and click the right button with your mouse.
• You may see the Save as an option
• Click on it and save it to your desktop.

Do hashtags work on Pinterest?

You definitely can. Hashtags are usually used to find content based on keywords.

What is a Pinterest virtual assistant?

Pinterest Virtual Assistants perform similarly to other VAs that can facilitate Pinterest management. It can guarantee long-term traffic with little effort and cost.

Are there any other sites like Pinterest?

There are a lot of Pinterest alternatives like Dribble, Juxtapost, Dudepins, Fancy, Mix, and many more.


Selling on Pinterest is less expensive than on other social media channels. You may be aware of the impact Pinterest’s marketing strategy has on you. So, without further ado, go improve your website and link with Pinterest. That can help earn more income than you might think. So, this how to sell on Pinterest blogpost can be your guide to achieve your goal.

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