Top 15 Best eCommerce SEO Companies in 2024

Looking for the best eCommerce SEO companies to boost your online business in 2024? Check out our list of the top 15 companies with a proven track record of driving organic traffic, increasing sales, and improving online visibility. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with these experts and take your eCommerce business to the next level.

Publisher : Mozahidul Islam

Jan 11, 2023

When it comes to managing and optimizing your website, there is no alternative line to go with SEO. It is obvious that nothing can beat your newly launched website, which offers a fantastic user experience. But after a few weeks or months, many businesses think about where all the traffic has gone.

To hold your ranking on SERPs and fulfill your business desire goal, a search engine optimization (SEO) company comes in. As per statistics, the top three Google search results get 54.4% of all clicks.

Wondering about thinking:

  • How to choose an SEO company?
  • How to define which SEO agency is best?
  • Or, Who are the best eCommerce SEO companies?

Look no forth! In the hope of helping you hire the best one, we enlisted the top 15 high-ranking SEO companies and what factors you need to consider before confirming one. Keep reading!

What is an SEO Company?

An SEO company helps to optimize your business website for better visibility in search engines and earn a targeted audience through search. SEO is a digital service aiming to boost sales, convert website clicks to customers, and increase revenue. 

Building a website is the first step to achieving your target. With an SEO company, you can maintain a successful e-commerce store to meet other challenges.

In short,

  • An SEO company is a data-driven and complete digital marketing service provider.
  • An all-in-one platform where you get all SEO services, including.
  • Help to increase your business’ exposure, credibility, traffic, ranking, and sales for the best return on investments (ROI).

Want to learn more about SEO companies, like what they do? Keep reading.

What Does an SEO Company Do?

An SEO company aims to improve your website ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, and others. By implementing strategies, tactics and obtaining high-ranking placements in the SERPs, they increase visitors to the site. However, to fulfill your business target, they offer several SEO services, including

  • On-page optimization: This involves changing a website’s content and structure to make it more search engine friendly. The main target is optimizing titles and headings, improving the website’s content, and making the site responsive. 
  • Off-page optimization: It is involved in building high-quality backlinks from other websites to your own. High-quality backlinks are beneficial to determine the ranking of a website on several search engines.
  • Keyword research: It is necessary to find the right keywords and phrases. From driving more traffic, increasing visibility on search engines, and targeting your marketing materials SEO company do this.
  • SEO Audit: This involves evaluating how well your website is optimized for search engines. It mainly identifies errors that prevent your site from ranking. Everything is done in SEO audit, from indexing and crawlability to competitor benchmarking.
  • E-commerce SEO: It is the process of generating more organic (non-paid or free) traffic from SERPs to your online store. Ecommerce SEO involves optimizing product and category pages, fixing website architecture issues, and link building.

Overall, the goal of an SEO company is to help a business improve its online presence and attract more customers through search engines.

15 Best Ecommerce SEO Companies in the World

Best SEO companies for eCommerce and other industries open up many growth opportunities. Also, you don’t need to worry about Google penalties or changing digital marketing trends. 

Are you looking for the best B2B SEO company or high ranking one? Here, we enlisted the top 15 best and giant eCommerce SEO companies. Let’s dive together!



Location: Headquarters – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17102, 1705 N Front ST

Industry: 1995 (starting year)

Employee: 628+

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter / YouTube

WebFX is an award winning SEO company aiming to solve your digital bottlenecks with data-driven revenue marketing and advanced technology. From 500+ subject-matter experts to 1,000s of reviews and a 25-year track record built clients’ trust years over the years. Also, they have fame as the best SEO company for eCommerce.

With tech-rich designers, developers, and marketers, they provide custom strategies to fulfill clients’ goals. They offer a wide range of digital marketing services that attract, delight, and convert leads, including

  • World-class Digital Marketing services (SEO, Ecommerce SEO, content marketing, and local SEO).
  • Create and Manage powerful ad campaigns (Pay Per Click, social advertising, Geofencing Advertising, and others).
  • Collect, analyze, and deploy marketing data (MarketingCloudFX, Nutshell, etc.).
  • Improve brand messaging and conversion (Website Design, Conversion rate optimization, etc.).

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Location: Headquarters – 4600 Park Springs Blvd, Ste 100, Arlington, TX 76017

Industry: 2005 (starting year)

Employee: 220+

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter

Thrive agency is an award winning digital marketing company aiming to offer a full spectrum of data-driven web marketing services. With 150+ Google reviews, 17+ years of experience, and more than 220 employees, they help businesses to achieve their targeted goals. 

Thrive is committed to helping all sizes of business startups to large franchises. From eCommerce to B2B companies, their tech-friendly and industry experts offer business-oriented solutions, including

  • Web design and development,
  • Custom website design & eCommerce web design,
  • Consulting and management services (i,e, reputation management)
  • Full-packaged digital marketing solutions (PPC, content, CRO, SEO, ORM, Amazon store optimization, etc.)
  • Video production and other digital marketing services.

RankUpper Digital Agency

RankUpper Digital Agency

Location: Headquarter – 1549 Research Ave, The Bronx, NY 10465, United States

Industry: 2017 (starting year)

Employee: 45+

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter

Rankupper is one of the top SEO agencies aiming to provide the best data and result-driven digital marketing solutions. From eCommerce to B2B companies, 45+ onboard UI/UX designers, web developers, and SEO experts help your business to achieve the targeted goal.

1000+ trusted clients and Google Reviews prove Rankupper’s quality and consistency. To generate more revenue and authorized traffic, their dedicated in-house team offers several SEO agency services, including

  • Website Design & Development (easy navigation and system implementation)
  • Content Writing Services (Content audit, strategy, and planning)
  • Search Engine Optimization Services (webpage audit and optimization)
  • Social Media Management (paid social management and marketing)
  • Ecommerce Store Management (Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and others)
  • Email Marketing (automation and audit)

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Straight North, LLC

Straight North LLC

Location: Headquarters – 1001 W. 31st Street, Suite 100, Downers Grove, IL 60515

Industry: 1997 (starting year)

Employee: 200+

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter

Are you small or middle-sized business owners or growth-minded entrepreneurs? Straight North has fame for its result-driven and full-service internet marketing solutions. 100+ full-time in-house marketers and tech experts help B2B to B2C clients convert leads, attract the right customers, and reach the top.  

As a top SEO agency, their dedicated expert’s mission is to customize the best online marketing mix and make every click count. They offer full-fledged and popular online marketing services, including

  • Search Engine Optimization Services (Local, Small business, eCommerce, Enterprise SEO, etc.)
  • PPC Management (eCommerce PPC, audit, consulting, and others)
  • Display Advertising (Audit, Retargeting, and Social media advertising)
  • Email Marketing (Small Business)
  • Custom Web Design (WordPress, Drupal, Responsive, Corporate, and others) 
  • Graphic Design

1Digital Agency

1Digital Agency

Location: Headquarters – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Industry: 2012 (starting year) 

Employee: 50+

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter

1Digital is one of the best website SEO companies with a collective of design innovators, problem solvers, digital marketing, and eCommerce experts. As industry leaders for over 10+ years, they’ve developed and launched hundreds of amazing eCommerce websites worldwide. 

Their in-house tech experts have working experience on several platforms, including BigCommerce, OpenCart, Shopify, Magento, etc. However, 1Digital Agencies’ revenue-generating, lead-driving, and brand-integrated marketing strategies success lie in,

  • SEO Management (eCommerce, B2B, eCommerce audit, local, and others)
  • PPC Management (eCommerce PPC, PPC lead generation, Amazon PPC, Google shipping feed management, etc.)
  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook Advertising Services, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, eCommerce Email marketing)
  • Design & Development (custom website design & Development, digital marketing, eCommerce ongoing support & data migration, etc.)



Location: Headquarters – DLH Park, 1501, 15th Floor, Swami Vivekananda Rd, Goregaon West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400104, IN

Industry: 2017 (starting year) 

Employee: 166+

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter / YouTube

Infidigt is the best SEO agency aiming to ensure your business visibility on Google and Bing searches. From small to large corporations, they’ve years of experience in fulfilling several business challenges. With a dedicated and in-house SEO experts team, they provide world-class IT services, including

  • SEO (organic ranking)
  • E-Commerce SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimize (CRO)
  • Website Audit
  • Local SEO
  • Enterprise SEO services
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Penalty Recovery

As the #1 organic digital growth platform, the agency has the potential to improve your brand revenues through customized SEO strategies. Also, they partner with brands to understand, support, and craft the best-fit marketing strategy. 

Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies

Location: Headquarters – 3750 South Robertson Blvd #200, Culver City, CA 90232, US

Industry: 2009 (starting year) 

Employee: 302+

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter

Coalition Technologies is a top-Rated SEO company in the United States with advanced systems and AI-powered tools. From improving to promoting a website or increasing the visitor’s numbers, they provide industry-expert online marketing services, including

  • Digital Marketing (Ecommerce SEO, Amazon SEO, Local SEO, Lead Gen SEO, and others)
  • Paid Advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, PPC, and others)
  • Online Marketing (Social Media Marketing, Email, Reputation Management, and others)
  • Web Design (Web design & development, eCommerce & Shopping carts, App & custom development, etc.).

However, their core mission lies in providing metrics-driven solutions with a creative approach. 97% client retention and 99% client satisfaction rate build their strong reputation in SERPs. 

OuterBox Inc.

OuterBox Inc

Location: Headquarters – 175 Montrose West Avenue, 200, Copley, OH 44321, US

Industry: 2004 (starting year) 

Employee: 90+

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter

OutBox Inc. is one of the best eCommerce SEO agencies with a versatile and battle-tested team whose mission is to provide sales-driven results and leads. As a nationwide leader, they can create synergy in your marketing campaigns and build a strong brand. 

Are you desire to be #1 on Google Search results? Or, facing issues with custom eCommerce functionality? From B2B to B2c, OuterBox developers and experts have 17+ years of experience and offer entire digital marketing services, including

  • Web Design (website design & development, eCommerce, B2B, corporate, Website maintenance, and others)
  • E-Commerce Web Design (Shopify, WooCommerce, B2B eCommerce website design, and others)
  • SEO Services (Lead generation, SEO consulting, NopCommerce SEO, and others)
  • PPC & Paid search (Google Ads, Google Shopping Management, and others)

Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility

Location: Headquarters – 4250 Executive Square, Suite 100 La Jolla, California 92037, US

Industry: 2013 (starting year) 

Employee: 144+

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter / YouTube

Are you searching for expert-led digital marketing services from top experts in each field? Ignite Visibility is a premier online marketing agency with high-touch expertise, innovative, and effective digital marketing solutions. With 109 Clutch reviews, 9+ years of experience, and onboard experts, they bring certainty into your marketing mix.

According to Clutch, it is the #1 SEO company in the USA. Their award-winning digital marketing success lies in end-to-end services, including 

  • Earned Services (SEO, Digital PR, Inbound Marketing, Interactive Campaigns, Conversion Rate Optimization, and others).
  • Paid Services (Google Display Advertising, Offline Conversion Tracking, Paid Social Advertising, and others).
  • Custom Services (Amazon optimization & marketing, design & development, Google penalty removal & recovery, online reputation management, and others).



Location: Headquarters – 12884 Frontrunner Blvd, #140, Draper, Utah 84020, US

Industry: 2015 (starting year) 

Employee: 33+

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter

Searchbloom is an award-winning search marketing and the best SEO Agency for eCommerce marketing. From the small business owner to a growing national brand or marketing expert, they have the potential to meet all challenges and maximize your online presence. To get the maximum ROI, their passionate and tech-rich experts serve several services, including

  • Local SEO 
  • National SEO
  • ECommerce SEO
  • PPC Management, and so on.

However, they develop a custom search marketing strategy to fulfill your business targets, budget, and achieve brand recognition. They serve their best to be the most trusted digital partner, transparent, and result-driven company. Vulnerability, authenticity, level-headedness, upfront, and empathy are the foundation of any lasting relationship.  

Titan Growth

Titan Growth

Location: Headquarters – 10907 Technology Place, San Diego, CA 92127

Industry: 2004 (starting year) 

Employee: 57+

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter

Titan Growth is one of the top SEO companies based out of San Diego, aiming to provide advanced SEO and pay-per-click solutions to clients. In-house savviest professionals and SEO experts combine their patent technology to deliver data-driven results. 

As per Google, Titan Growth is a “Google All-Star” agency and “Premier Partner.” Also, their best achievement lies in TitanBOT, which helps to predict search engine outcomes. To accelerate your sales funnel, they offer specialized digital marketing services, including

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Media Management 
  • Amazon Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Production
  • Web Design and Development
  • Content Marketing and PR, 
  • Link Acquisition and many others.



Location: Headquarters – DLH Park, 1501, 15th Floor, Swami Vivekananda Rd, Goregaon West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400104, IN

Industry: 2014 (starting year) 

Employee: 64+

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter / YouTube

Delante is known as a data-driven SEO powerhouse for its proven and all-in-one SEO services. Also, the company has fame as a top SEO company in Poland. Its 50+ on-board professionals have the working experience to deal with different industries (Over 30 industries) and marketing challenges. 

They offer the best digital marketing solutions and service sectors for all sizes of businesses. However, their core mission is to provide effective marketing that has a real impact on your business and increases sales, including

  • E-commerce SEO, International & Local SEO, Link building services, SEO for Wix & WordPress, and other SEO services.
  • SEO copywriting
  • Website Services (indexing, speed up, etc.)
  • SEM (Google Ads & Audit, Google Remarketing, Google shopping, etc.)



Location: Headquarters – 995 Market St, San Francisco, CA, United States, California

Industry: 2013 (starting year) 

Employee: 93+ 

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter

Are you searching for SEO specialized solutions that provide award-winning results? Victorious is one of the best eCommerce SEO agencies and the 9th fastest growing company in California in Silicon Valley. This quality SEO company’s mission is to unleash companies’ true search potential. 

With an expert team and a combination of trendy technology, they deliver process-driven SEO for agile and well-resourced companies. Transparency, ROI-obsessed, tech-enabled, and client demand priority all set them an unbeatable SEO agency. Their high-ROI SEO services lie in, 

  • SEO strategy & analytics
  • Keyword research services
  • SEO audit 
  • On-page & off-page SEO
  • SEO content

SocialSEO Inc

SocialSEO Inc

Location: Headquarters – 5475 Mark Dabling Blvd #210, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, United States

Industry: 1996 (starting year) 

Employee: 130+

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter

Americans number #1 digital marketing firm aiming to drive more leads, traffic, and sales through hands-on SEO experience. As an expert SEO company, they have the fame to work with the internet’s top brands across the United States and the Globe. For over 18 years, they have provided team-based and best SEO company services, including 

  • SEO services (Local, National, eCommerce, and Enterprise)
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing, Amazon, Email, and Influencer Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
  • Web design & Conversion rate Optimization
  • Video Production Services, and others.

Also, you get white-labeling SEO solutions and SEO wholesalers that bring online success locally. With an in-house expert SEO team and experienced consultant, SocialSEO leverage the power of organic search engine.

The SEO Works

The SEO Works

Location: Headquarters – Fountain Precinct, Balm Green, Sheffield, S1 2JA

Industry: 2008 (starting year) 

Employee: 100+

Social Media Link: LinkedIn / Facebook  / Twitter

SEO Works is a multiple award winning and UK-based leading SEO company with outstanding results. The company’s fame lies in its search specialists, and in-house SEO experts help you to measure, understand, and maximize your online potential. Also, it is a certified Google Partner for Google Adwords (PPC), search display, and so on.

As a white hat agency, its expert’s motto is to deliver top-quality results based on proven techniques and trendy SEO strategies. You get a range of integrated digital marketing services and search technologies, including

  • PPC services (Google Ads Management, Google Shopping Management, and PPC Consultancy)
  • SEO services (organic SEO, Digital PR, Technical SEO, Local SEO, and Content Marketing)
  • Web design & development ()
  • Paid Social (LinkedIn Advertising and Facebook Advertising)

After going through the largest SEO agencies, think about whether your business needs an SEO company. Go through the next section and get the answer. 

Why Hire an SEO Company for Your Business?

Are you an entrepreneur with an online business or an eCommerce business owner? Whatever your business goal is with SEO, you can achieve it successfully. But for proper implementation and to keep pace with Google trends, you need experts. And collaborating with the best SEO agency, you can fulfill both purposes.  

Still not convinced? Here, we enlisted the top 9 benefits of hiring an SEO company below: 

To Get Advice from SEO Experts

SEO agencies professionals have years of experience with different industries, brands, and clients like yours, where they’ve to deal with several challenges and niches. They have outstanding knowledge, from the latest Google updates to advanced SEO strategies and tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and others. So, in one place, you get an in-depth SEO analysis and SEO website performance, like the content gap, on-page issues, and others.

Hiring an SEO Company Saves You Time

As a business owner, you must have a lot of things to handle and may not get time to deal with SEO. But by hiring an SEO company, you don’t need to worry about digital marketing strategies and can focus on what you do best. Also, they have the potential to optimize your website, content planning for your niche, build links, and other SEO tasks. 

Reduce Investment Cost

Apart from PPC and Email marketing, SEO is the most effective ROI-driving marketing strategy to generate more sales and revenues. With an expert and tech-rich SEO company, you will be able to improve your ROI. Also, their in-house experts help your business to entice niche-based or product-oriented prospective consumers. And at the end, you can measure the results of your SEO campaigns to see how effective they are. 

Better Efficiency

SEO companies have on board professional teams, including content writers, SEO experts, developers, and others. That means to develop your SEO strategy and implement it successfully, you get a dedicated team who are always by your side. Also, a website that is optimized and monitored ensures better performance by increasing visibility. 

SEO Agencies Stay on Top of Trends

As you know, SEO is a dynamic field, and SERPs algorithms change continuously to keep pace with the latest technology and developments. That means you need to adapt to those trends to ensure your ranking on search engines and compete with your competitors in your marketplace. Hiring an SEO agency ensures that your online business is in the expert’s hands.

Instant SEO Team with Real Knowledge

A reputable SEO company hires only knowledgeable members who have the potential to meet SEO challenges and strategies. That means you get the guarantee of getting a well-equipped and expert team. From ranking issues to brand authority building, they work collaboratively with you to achieve your goal. Also, they build individual schedules and divide work for better output and meet the deadline. 

Much Easier to Manage SEO Works

By partnering with the SEO company, you get flexibility and versatile solutions in one place. They aim to provide the best output that adds extra value to your business without making false promises. Also, you don’t need to worry about the performance and productivity of your SEO project in the long term.  

Safety for Your Business

An eCommerce marketplace is an open platform where anyone can do business. But to protect your site from spam, hacking, bad backlinks, search penalties, and others, you need to apply SEO. With a dedicated SEO team, you can run your business safely. Using Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other tools, they identify those issues and help you avoid those negative repercussions.

You Get More Sales & Revenue

As per statistics, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. And over 50% of marketers admit that keyword rankings and organic traffic both are the top ways to measure business success. Also, the business that appears on the Google’s #1 page gets more clicks. All these marketing scenarios express the biggest benefits of hiring an SEO company. 

Planning to hire an SEO company to get the best SEO audit consultant and a dedicated marketing team? Without more talk, scroll down to the next section to explore some important factors before confirming one.

What to Look for in an SEO Company Before Hiring?

The benefits of eCommerce SEO lie in building a brand’s visibility and authenticity in different SERPs. So, to find the right one for your business niche and services, you need to go through several factors, including 

Experience and SEO Processes 

One of the most important factors is to consider their in-depth knowledge of SEO, the implementation process, and skill of advanced SEO tools. You can also look at previous SEO campaigns, SEO strategies, and methods. By going through these factors, you get an idea about their specialties, like niches, industries, etc. 

Real-Life Testimonials

Check their client reviews or real-life testimonials from Google My Business, Facebook, Clutch, Yelp, and others. Deeply-invested SEO companies have their industry blogs and a history of writing about marketing strategies. Also, some have videos on their websites to give a brief of their specialties or what you get.

An Impressive SEO Portfolio

From cleaning businesses to SEO for restaurants, every business prefers SEO to achieve its targeted goals. So, take a look at their previous work and start with their service pages. You acknowledge their SEO strategies and worldwide popularity by going through their expertise fields.

Case Studies and Multiple SEO Success Clients

A top ranked SEO company or high-quality one has loyal clients who they have served over the years. However, it might not go with newly launched companies. However, many companies eagerly provide case studies to give an idea about their performance, validating their expertise and skill.  

SEO Team Members

Renowned SEO companies have their on-board SEO team members, including designers, developers, SEO experts, content teams, and so on. Every member works together to deliver revenue-generating digital marketing solutions. Also, they are always on your site whenever you need them. 


How to find a good SEO company?

You can hire any company from our top 15 award-winning SEO companies listing or go through Google’s 1st-page ranking companies. Remember to check their portfolios, client reviews, and expertise level to match your niche. 

How do SEO companies work?

There are different SEO companies in this trendy marketplace with unique working structures. So, to get a clear idea about their working procedures, tools selection, and implementation process, you can consult with them. 

How much do SEO companies charge?

Every SEO company has its own pricing models depending on your business requirements and challenges. So, before hiring one or collaborating, contact them and get details information. 

When should you hire an SEO company?

An SEO company provides full-service digital marketing solutions for small to big projects. Also, you get in-house tech-rich experts who have the potential to meet your business goal in time with advanced SEO strategies. 

How much does it cost to hire an SEO company?

For your running business, they first audit your site to create the working checklist and set the price. But the newly launched website requires in-depth website analysis, niche research, and SEO audit that may cost between $1,000 to $3,000/month.


After completing the article: Best eCommerce SEO company, we hope you acknowledge their SEO services and how you can find the right one to scale up. And most important, the importance of SEO. 

Are you ready to experience what an SEO company can do for your business or brand? Why delay? Hire one and get real-time analysis to compete with your competitors and find out the opportunities to fly high.

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