WordPress Website Design Packages – Details You Should Know

Need an attractive user-friendly WordPress website design for your business but can’t find it? Here are the best WordPress website design packages that you try.

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Feb 16, 2023

Over the past decade, WordPress web design has become the most popular in the market, facilitating thousands of professional themes and templates for web designs. It led web designers to provide custom web design services quickly.

You probably need a conversion-centric WordPress web design for your business but are confused about how to make it. For this purpose, WordPress website design packages are your best choice. How & Why?

To throw your confusion away, I designed this article by providing in-depth information on the WordPress web design package and its importance and benefits while sharing practical ideas on choosing the best web design company for you.

So, without much ado, let’s get started!

What is WordPress Website Design?

WordPress website design is the process of creating a website using the WordPress content management system. It involves selecting a theme, customizing the layout and content, and adding features as needed. WordPress is a flexible platform that allows users to create and manage websites without extensive coding knowledge.

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that offers various web design frameworks to build websites for business, personal blogs, ecommerce, companies portfolios, and more.

As open-source CMS, WordPress provides quick website creation facilities and also offers thousands of free and premium themes created professionally.

Despite that, there might be a chance of making your website typical and not unique due to the gross overuse of these themes and templates by others. Also, its limitations hurdle your website to becoming everything it should be. 

That’s why you need to design your WordPress website to make it unique and user-friendly. WordPress web design allows you to customize your website, present it in stunning appearances, compose content, and edit webpages with an easy interface. 

There are several WordPress designers who provide WordPress website design services by creating unique and professional websites. 

Now, you can ask, “why will I hire a web designer when WordPress is free and available to everyone?” To get rid of this confusion, read the exciting answer I gave below. 

WordPress Website Design

Importance of a Well-Designed Website

When it comes to creating a website, it must be well-designed. Otherwise, it won’t be very helpful. 

A well-designed website is vital in creating a good impression on visitors. Its amazing visuality, responsiveness, and user-friendliness help increase prospective customers, establish brand values, and generate millions of traffic. 

Designing a powerful professional website is a complex task that requires a professional well-experienced web designer, even for WordPress web design purposes. Because a web designer has the proper knowledge of how to make a website perfect, flawless, and user-attractive.

He can make a proper plan for your website design according to its genre and niche while creating a WordPress theme from scratch. Moreover, a web designer can serve you with more advanced benefits, like testing and launching your website and working on performing updates. 

However, if you design a WordPress website yourself without proper knowledge and skills, it might create some critical issues and lack thereof. It can keep your website far away from being customized and user-friendly. 

Now you know why a well-designed website with a professional web designer is important. So, let’s take a look at an overview of WordPress as a famous web design platform. 

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WordPress is a Popular Website Design Platform

Overview of WordPress as a Popular Website Design Platform

You know WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) software written in PHP and runs on a MySQL database. Several features and facilities made WordPress a top-level web design platform. 

  • Customization: Besides supporting thousands of professionally designed themes, WordPress provides a wide range of customization facilities in website structure, layout, and functionality. So, a professional WordPress designer can create a custom site for you. 
  • Accessibility: WordPress provides access options via a browser. With complete and centralized website control, it helps you get into your site from anywhere at any time. 
  • Easy to Use: WordPress is easy to use for skilled web developers and for those who have no expertise in web design and development. 
  • SEO Friendly:  WordPress site’s code is designed so search engines can read it quickly and index its content. Thus, Google and other search engines love WordPress websites. 

There are more facts like flexibility and scalability, which made WordPress popular in the market. You will find plenty of WordPress web designers who design impressive websites from scratch, offering various website design packages. 

Let’s know what facilities we will get in a custom WordPress website design package. 

What is Included in WordPress Website Design Packages

What Is Included in WordPress Website Design Packages

Whether you hire a WordPress website designer or a WordPress web design company, you will get numerous WordPress website design packages offered by them depending on your demand, budget, and website types. Check out what is included in a web design package.

Design Planning

The first thing included in the WordPress website design package is broad design planning for your website. When you take service from a WordPress web design company, they will have an overall discussion with you about your website design frameworks, plugins, infrastructure, and themes. 

They will make an appropriate design plan to make your website successful, user-friendly, and eye-pleasing.


The website’s layout is all about how the elements are managed and displayed on its pages, like the header, footer, sidebar, and white spaces. 

Depending on the type and complexity of the web design package, a web designer will create a comprehensive layout for you while also making it comfortable for desktop and mobile.


The navigation system gives guidelines to visitors through the website, including links and buttons. It allows them to choose where they want to go on a website depending on its layout and structure presented in the header, body, or footer. 

WordPress website designers can select a wide range of navigation designs and layouts, such as a button that can reveal or hide menus. For instance, they can incorporate one-click arrows and other buttons to guide users to the top of a webpage or other specific areas.


Another important feature included in a custom website design package is the color scheme. The color scheme is mainly a combination of colors used on the website, including background colors, text colors, accent colors, and more. 

The color scheme creates harmony between the website and the brand, and the industry it represents. Custom WordPress website designers can choose colors that are more likely to attract users.


Typography on the website includes the font styles and sizes used in the website’s written content. WordPress web designers can pick one or a combination of font colors and sizes that can easily attract readers and correspond to the targeted audience.

When you get WordPress website design assistance from a WordPress design company, they will help you get customized typography according to your website types and niches.


Content is all about the information presented on the website, including text and other media. It’s the most important element to consider when designing a website because visitors want to get information quickly. 

If you take WordPress web design services from a professional web designer, he will help you achieve custom content by using the proper tone and providing the right information on the entire website.


The imagery contains illustrations, graphics, icons, photos, and videos on a website to add supplementary information to the text. 

Designers will help you choose the best imagery to complement your website it also included in WordPress web design packages.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience(UX) defines the overall experience of a user when visiting and intersecting with the website. The goal of UX design is to make the website easy and pleasant to use, access, and interact with while ensuring a positive user experience. 


The responsiveness of a website refers to its adaptability to different screen sizes and devices like desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Responsive design is important for your website because, every day, many people will visit it from multiple devices.

A professional web designer ensures that your audience will have a good experience visiting your website.

Modern Interface Design

Another important feature you will get when choosing a custom WordPress website design package is a modern user interface (UI) design. UI design includes the visual display of a website and physical product that facilitates the interaction between the user and the product. 

Types of WordPress Website Design Packages

When choosing a custom WordPress website design service, you will get different types of Web design packages, such as basic WordPress web design packages, premium, and custom web design packages. 

Each web design package contains particular features and facilities. Let’s take a glance.

How Much Does Website Design Cost?

The cost of website design mainly depends on website types (like blog sites, eCommerce sites, etc.), website design packages (like the basic package, custom package, premium package, etc.), and the experience and skills of web design agencies. 

Here are some average WordPress web design cost ideas according to different packages— 

  • Basic package: $300 to $500+
  • E-commerce Package: $500 to $700+
  • Premium Package: $1,000 to $1,500+

Custom WordPress Website Design Package Pricing Example:

Basic$1,000Custom WordPress theme, responsive design, contact form, up to 5 pages
Plus$2,500Custom WordPress theme, responsive design, contact form, e-commerce integration, up to 10 pages
Premium$5,000Custom WordPress theme, responsive design, contact form, e-commerce integration, CMS integration, up to 20 pages
Enterprise$10,000+Custom WordPress theme and development, responsive design, contact form, e-commerce integration, CMS integration, custom features and functionality

Brief description:

  • A small business with a basic WordPress website may choose the Basic plan for $1,000.
  • An e-commerce store with a medium-sized WordPress website may choose the Plus plan for $2,500.
  • A large business with a complex WordPress website may choose the Premium plan for $5,000 or more.
  • An enterprise-level business may need a custom WordPress design and development package that starts at $10,000 or more.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Website Design Package

Choosing a WordPress web design company will help you get a fantastic-looking website because a company has professional web designers with the appropriate talent and skills to provide high-end web design services. 

Here are some key factors you should consider when choosing a web design company to design a WordPress website. 

Assessment of Website Requirements

The first thing you need to consider when choosing an appropriate WordPress website design package is the assessment of your website requirements. Recognize what type of website you want to create, like ecommerce, blog site, or other. 

After that, make a proper assessment of what type of design service your website requires, including its features, functionality, and page variety. Finally, search online and find a web design package that matches your website requirements. 

Comparison of Different Packages and Their Features

When you are going to choose a WordPress web design company, make a comparison between their packages and features because different packages contain different facilities. 

Make sure which package is suitable for designing your website according to your business niche and types.

Selection of a Package That Meets the Budget and Requirements

After completing the comparison process, you should now select a package that matches your budget and requirements. It will help you get the proper service at affordable prices. But don’t compromise a good WordPress web design package due to a small cost.

Expertise and Experience of the Design Team

Another important thing you should consider when choosing a WordPress web design agency is their expertise and experience. A web design company must have skilled, talented, and experienced designers who can provide appropriate services according to the client’s needs and desires.

You can ask them if they use premium and custom themes and templates or just only free versions of them. Also, you can check the designs of their website, including their portfolios and clients’ reviews. 

Modern Web Design Techniques

A website must be created with modern web design techniques and be smart and fantastic. When you are going to select a web design package, you should consider whether it consists of the latest web design trends and techniques or not. 

It is important to make a truly unique and user-friendly website. Also, you can securitize the sample designs that they will show you.

SEO-friendly content structure

A website must be designed with an SEO-friendly content structure because the ultimate goal of a website is to achieve the top position on Google SERPs. 

Hence, before taking a website design package, ensure that it follows SEO-friendly structures and makes the website easy to access for visitors.

Built for All Browsers & Devices

Whether you are creating a website for personal purposes or business aims, it must be built for all browsers and devices. People use different browsers and devices across the world. 

So, if you want to reach a massive targeted audience, your website must be created for all browsers and devices, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, smartphones, and computers. 

User-Focused Web Design

User-focused web design focuses on the wants and needs of the users of a website. It completes the web design task, puts the users at the center of the web design and development, and prioritizes the website’s owners as the secondary. 

You should recognize that the company you are going to hire designs a user-focused website for you. 

Web Development

To run a website successfully, you must keep it updated daily due to upcoming technological challenges. For that reason, you should take a web development service besides having the service of web design.

Before choosing a web design agency, ensure they provide WordPress web development services. It will be helpful for you because taking both services from the same company will improve your website’s progress and success. 

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Who Provides WordPress Website Design Services?

Over the last decade, WordPress has become the market’s most popular content management system (CMS). It substantially increased the number of WordPress web design agencies across the world. 

So, if you need a WordPress web design service, you will get several UI/UX design agencies or freelancers that provide worldwide WordPress web design services. But it will be tough for you to select the right web design company from this huge number. 

Even you might get bored and confused when browsing the endless websites of these web design agencies. In this context, I suggest you choose a web design company like RankUpper, which follows all the criteria required for creating a successful and user-friendly website. 

RankUpper is a well-known web design and development service provider in the world. It contains professional WordPress designers and developers who ensure you full-fledged website design services. Important factors that make RankUpper different from other web design companies are— 

  • Research and Innovation
  • Great UI/UX Service
  • Security Assurance
  • Dynamic Technology
  • 100% SEO Friendly
  • Technical Support
  • Clean Coding 

Besides web design services, RankUpper also provides web development and other digital services at affordable prices, allowing you to take all website-related services from the same agency. 

So, let’s look at what is included in the RankUpper Web design service. 

What Included in Rankupper Website Design Services

When it comes to taking web design services from RankUpper, they offer three categories of services: website design, redesign, and landing page design services.

Website Design

If you want to run a new website for business or other purposes, RankUpper will be a great help hand for you. Their professional web designers will create a user-friendly and responsive UI/UX website for you ensuring— 

  • Developed custom web designs
  • Prototyped and tested before launched
  • User interface and user-experience design
  • 100% SEO Friendly

Website Redesign

When you already have a designed website with some lackings and issues such as inappropriate looking, low speed, and coding issues that need redesigning tasks, you can select RankUpper to upgrade your website by redesigning it. 

Their full-stack web design and development service help you with— 

  • Front-end and back-end redesign and development
  • Website migration and modernization
  • Overall website security and maintenance
  • Website theme and plugin updating
  • Processing on CSS and JavaScript files

Landing Page Design

If you want to make a landing page, RankUpper will help your website strengthen its online presence with high-performing customized landing pages. Here, you will get—

Moreover, every service you will take from RankUpper maintains priority over customer satisfaction, reliability & time on delivery, and transparent & collaborative communication.

Benefits of using a WordPress Website Design

When you arrive at this point by reading the above discussion, you already know in-depth knowledge of WordPress website design and its importance. Get them! Now, I will share more ideas on the benefits of using a WordPress web design.


WordPress is open-source software that provides free and premium website design facilities with many themes and templates. Compared to other web design services, WordPress web design cost is budget-friendly and gives a wide range of services at affordable prices.


As a content management system, WordPress already contains open-source website software. So, you don’t need to create it from the beginning, which takes a lot of time. You just design it utilizing its provided templates and themes. It will help you save more time and utilize it in your business. 

Ease of use and maintenance

WordPress is easy and pleasant to use and maintain due to its strong CMS technology. So, you can easily handle it without much coding or programming language knowledge.

Mobile-friendly & Responsive

When you use WordPress web design service, it will make your website mobile-friendly and responsive. So, visitors can browse it easily from different devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Also, they can easily make conversions.

WordPress ecommerce websites using WooCommerce

Another notable benefit that WordPress provides is the ecommerce website option using Woocommerce. Using this facility, you can easily create a strong ecommerce site for your business.

Professional Custom Theme & Template

WordPress offers thousands of themes and templates that are created professionally. You can easily choose the right theme and template according to your website type and content niches. It’s a great opportunity to make the website utilizing your desire and freedom.


A well-designed website is important to successfully run an ecommerce or blog site as it makes the website responsive and user-friendly. Hence, you should choose a web design agency that provides different WordPress design packages to create an attractive website.

In this content, you learned proficient ideas on WordPress web design and its importance while also beneficial tips on how to select a WordPress web design package. I hope now the task has become easy for you. So, run a successful website and reach your goal.

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